Monday, July 2, 2007

3LW on Taina [VIDEO!]

Here is an exclusive and RARE video of 3LW's early stages on Nick's Taina! It seems like Adrienne always wanted to act. I can vibe a little Alana in her character, (Alana from That's So Raven). So here it is, unfortunately its not the whole episode, but its a lot of it! Catch the mini-music video for No More in the middle. And for those of you guys who want MORE Cheetah Media, don't fret, it'll come soon!

Episode Details: Nickelodeon's Taina Episode 2 : "Blue Mascara" : A singing group named Blue Mascara (Played by the original members of 3LW) is about to hit it big, and they are seniors at Taina's School. Taina finds their song {3LW's "No More (baby I'm A Do Right)"} catchy and starts singing it. The group overhears Taina's singing and asks her to join their group. Taina accepts and but it comes between her and her friends.

Credit to: puptent03


puptent03 said...

yo jack thanks for the credit

Ariel. said...

I cant see the video =[

kaitlyn said...

this now makes my life's greatest mystery solved. i was still looking for the connection between my friend daniel ellis, christina vidal, and kiely. this explains it all, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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