Sunday, July 29, 2007

Download: The Cheetah Girls EP

Download: via SendSpace
Size: 29.9 mb
Tracks: 6
Images: 2 High Quality
Duration: 19:50

Wow, after posting the last post you guys all sent me so much love and support saying you do read this blog and it really motivates me and makes me proud to do what I do. So I'm happy to present LCWBlog's: The Cheetah Girls EP. What's an EP you ask? Well, an Extended Play isn't a full length album and it isn't considered a single neither, so an EP is in between. This EP basically consists loose tracks that really isn't a part of the 2 Soundtracks that were released (minus, Route 66 which is in the Special Edition 2 Soundtrack). The track listing is in the image above. There's 6 tracks, and also has high quality versions of the Front cover art and Back cover art. I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave a simple thanks in either the comment or shout-box if you download. It'll motivate me to give you more exclusives!


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