Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Junior Album Mega-Post!

Many titles have surfaced for the third album, "Phoenix Rising," "Under 21," "Strictly Business," "Point of No Return," "Forever," and more. So instead of calling a one of those names, we'll call this album, The Junior Album. (As in 3rd album, like the second album, "sophomore," this will be the Junior.) For the Junior album, 3LW has been working with many high end producers such as, Jermaine Dupri, Rich Harrison, Dre & Vidal, Maestro, Scott Storch, Mike City, St. Nick, Cool & Dre, Lil Jon, Steve Kipner, Co Stars, Bradley Splater, and more! On most of the tracks, Jessica and Adrienne will be singing lead, and unfortunately Kiely will not be rapping this time around. Here are track titles:

"You Aint Ready" (Produced by theDream)
"Aint Enough" (Produced by Sean Garrett)
"Feelin' You"(Featuring & Produced by Jermaine Dupri)
"Do Ya" (Produced by Rich Harrison)
"Hot" (Produced by Dre & Vidal)
"Throwback" (Produced by Maestro)
"Phone Sex" (Produced by Maestro)
"Point Of No Return"
"It's Not All About Me"
"The Club Is Over"(Collaboration with Rain)
"Strictly Business"
"Phoenix Rising"
"I Dont Mind"
"I'm A Big Girl Now"
"Dance To The Beat Of My Drums"
"Bling Bling"
"No Matter What"
"It's Not All About Me"

“The album’s title also speaks to our personal growth in our careers,” says Adrienne. “We’re no longer teenagers and our decision to return to music is challenging and unpredictable, but there’s no turning back.” (On Point Of No Return)

The confessional party starter “Feelin’ You” featuring JD expresses a woman’s innermost sentiments about that special someone while the bounce-heavy “Do Ya” begs the questions whether a potential beau’s compatibility will measure up to her needs. However, it’s more seductive paens such as the mid-tempo “Hot” that encourages one to succumb to physical attraction and the title track produced by Philly’s Dre and Vidal that addresses the climax of an intimate relationship when an emotional nirvana has been achieved. However, it’s the rock-infused anthem “Throwback,” about seductively woman-handling a man that shows another side of their budding womanhood. “It’s hot to see that a new generation of young women being forward,” says Adrienne. “Not in a disrespectful way, but just being strong and confident in knowing what we want.” 3LW’s humanity is unveiled on the introspective tone “It’s Not All About Me,” which promotes the old adage that one should learn to recognize and count their blessings because someone else is always in a worst predicament than you are. “When I first sang this song I started crying,” admits Kiely. “It’s such an amazing message that reminds you that when all these other things are happening around us, you need to focus on the little things that we take for granted everyday like walking and talking.”


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