Wednesday, July 4, 2007


As some of you may know, Adrienne Bailon filmed a pilot for a show called Taylor Made. There was not much information about it because it was waiting to be picked up by a T.V. network, ABC or DISNEY CHANNEL, it's been about 2 years since the filming and still hasn't been picked up. Well, I got my hands on the EXCLUSIVE trailer! I was so happy when I saw this and hopefully you will be too. Adrienne Bailon has a HUGE part, she IS the main character!. Enjoy! THIS IS A LITTLECHEETAHWOMEN BLOGSPOT EXCLUSIVE. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!

Taylor Made is a fish out of water, family comedy centered on Madison Santos, a diva pop star from New York City that is forced to live with her cousin in suburban Ohio.

Madison, along with her manager, the dim-witted Mike Gordan, is desperately searching for two singers to replace the two that just quit. Fortunately, her cousins (Kim and Sarah) from Ohio visit and can sing like angels. Madison has the two join immediately and the new Popsicle featuring Madison Santos is born.

Life on the tour isn't as easy as the girls expected. Kim and Sarah can't stand Madison's diva ways and can't wait to get back home to Ohio and live a normal life. Madison feels the same and longs to spend time with her Dad and friends back in New York City.

Unfortunately, Madison's dad is called back by the military and must go to Germany for an undisclosed amount of time and with her mother having died 8 years ago, Madison's best option is to go to Ohio and stay with the cousins that she despises.

So, what do you guys think about the trailer? Would you watch it?


Jt/Aj said...

I think that it would have made a better show and should have been picked up by somewhere like The N. But it probably won't happen now that its been two years...=[

xxooxxcool said...

i would def. watch it.

Alisa said...

This was in 2005? why is everyone talkin bout it?

Alisa said...

This was in 2005? why is everyone talkin bout it?