Sunday, August 5, 2007

An Email from Ken Bunt.

So yesterday, I checked my G-Mail inbox and I was surprised to see an e-mail from, Ken Bunt, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Disney's Hollywood Records. So he knows exactly what's up with their studio album, Who We Are. I didn't get to ask him for permission to copy & paste the whole e-mail so I will bullet point the highlights:

  • There isn't a new official website because they are "just" completing the CD package.
  • Once all images are approved by the girls, then they are able to build the website.
  • He said, "The fans will love the new photos and new songs."
  • The CD will NOT be released in CDVU+, which is a bummer however...
  • In the future they wish to release a DELUXE EDITION of "WHO WE ARE".
  • The deluxe edition will include 2 CDs and "tons of great stuff."
Isn't that all great news?! He also told me, "I will make sure to get you some info early so you can share with your readers." That's extremely nice to share information with us on his busy schedule. I sent him a reply and hopefully will get a couple of answers soon! Make sure you leave some appreciation comments for Ken!

I was personally sent this e-mail so please bloggers, if you would like to post this on your blog, please do so, simply credit me.


George said...

great work! you stay on the grind!

DeShaun said...

Can't wait for this album, and yea, you do stay on the grind