Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Layout!

Hey guys! I got really tired of the old layout so I made this. This is only temporary because I dont like how it turned out. How do you guys like it?

I know some people bought The Cheetah Girls dolls recently, here's what Adrienne had to say about them:

"You have to sit for digital pictures, they want you to smile, they want to see your ear shape, your jaw line, these crazy pictures. They made sure our makeup was very clean. They wanted to take pictures like 'hair off.' No hair on your face, smile from the side, crazy stuff."

"My niece called me and said 'auntie, I'm playing with your doll.' It actually looks very much like me. They got the feature I didn't want them to capture. I'm like 'it has my nose! Why?' We had a choice in what it looked like. One of mine had a crazy hair color like orange, and I was like 'that is not my hair color.'

"I was like 'my colorist is not going to approve of that. These are not my highlights.' We ended up taking it in, and I'm very pleased with it. And my niece is very pleased - that's what counts."

Here are some images of Adrienne at the Illegal Tender Premiere on 8/20!
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