Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News Update.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy what this blog has to offer. I've been getting some negative reviews, however getting a TON of positive reviews that keeps me going. Recently went to Target and looked at some magazine with the girls, make sure you check out J-14 they have a glossy pin-up of the girls. And (I think) Twist magazine has a offer to win a phone call from The Cheetahs! So make sure you guys check that. Also, they said that they will be going on tour on September 15. Thats in exactly a month and no promotion or information about it so it may be false. I'll look more into that. Also, Sabrina Bryan attended the High School Musical 2 Premiere at Downtown Disney this past week and said the album is coming out on October 24th. I hope she was mis-informed because Oct. 24th isn't even a Tuesday. So hopefully the September 25th release date is written in stone. Also, once I get more information on The Cheetah Girls toys franchise I will post it up. I know they have their dolls and even a dance mat! Pretty big huh? Well, I plan on changing the layout soon.. also many, many more great things coming your way from us.


Video 1:
Sabrina Bryan Interview @ HSM2 Premiere
Video 2: New York Times Interview About Toy Line


Courtney said...

Jack! It's Courtney from 3lwfans. My internet's been down and I haven't been able to come to the site. BUT! I just want you to know that you're doing an amazing job. The site is well put together. Eff what all the haters are saying lol. You're doing great! Thanks for all the downloads and everything lol. =]