Thursday, August 30, 2007

Promotion x Fake Myspaces.

Next week, Ken Bunt told me that Disney Channel will premiere the So Bring It On music video on The Disney Channel. Has anyone seen any commercials or previews so people can anticipate it? I know whenever they would premiere a HSM2 music video they'd play a little part and say Tune In on this day to watch the whole thing. Also, where's the TCG promotion? The only promotion I am seeing is online. There hasn't been a single dropped so people can anticipate the album, they should have dropped the first single earlier so people can like it and be like "Dang, when is this album coming out," but the album is coming out way too soon. The girls lack a lot of promotion, like their Live Tour CD did horrible and people didn't even know it came out unless they read about it on my blog or others. I'm just trying to save the girls from poor album sales, but their label needs to step up.

Now my next topic, fake myspaces. Why have one? I'm seeing so many fake Myspaces that claim to be The Real Adrienne Bailon or The Real Kiely Williams. Wow. The worst thing about it is that they steal pictures from my blog. It's really dumb to me that people with no lives are pretending to be the girls and confusing the fans. So if you have any fake myspaces them. If they get enough blocks MYSPACE will delete their account. Here are a li st of Myspaces that I obtained earlier, if everyone can press BLOCK then go ahead!


Anonymous said...

I'm so worried about the promotion!!!

What can we do???

You are doing alot with this blog, but... it isn't enogh!

Did the single premier in Radio Disney?

DeShaun said...

I'm worried about the promotion too. And then the little promotion that IS going to happen is going to be Disney Channel promotion--since they are trying to come across as real group then they need promotion outside of Disney..:/

Anonymous said...

yea they have so bring it on on radio disney but thats not enough im worried about the promotion 2 can anyone let me know when they video 2 so bring it on is going 2 premire on disney channel

adrienessa said... is really adrienne bailon, i talk 2 her on yahoo messanger her username is mizzadriebailon!!