Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sabrina Bryan Site Launch!

Sabrina Bryan's official website just launched! She welcomes everyone with a note written by her confirming that she is indeed participating in Dancing With The Stars.

Here some other projects for Sabrina:
Sabrina is currently working on BYOU II, which is set for release in Spring 2008.
Sabrina is currently developing film, television, internet and book properties to star in and also to produce with her production company, and is also working on a solo album project. Sabrina recently set up a fiction book entitled “Princess of Gossip” with Pocket/MTV Books. She is co-writing the book with top YA author Julia DeVillers.

Check out the site by clicking the image above! It has a great photo gallery including this rare picture of the girls:

As well as press scans from magazines she has been features,
including the GL cover magazine!
Hopefully, Adrienne and Kiely will get their own official website soon!