Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Who We Are Album Pushed Back? Fake Myspace. & more.

On August 4th, The Cheetah Girls were at Spiedie Fest 2007, signing autographs and talked for the fans. Adrienne and Sabrina both said that the album will come out on September 25th. So most likely the September 18th release isn't going to happen, but then again it's just a week away! To hear it for yourself, click the T.V. below!

The Cheetah Girls @ Spiedie Fest 2007


Don't be fooled. Hollywood Records recently opened up an Artist Network Page for The Cheetah Girls and when it first opened, they had a link for "Myspace" however no one had the URL. I'm guessing right when a fan saw it open, they opened their own Myspace. It's very cheap and low budget and states plenty of incorrect things. "Breakin' Loose" is not the title of the song, it's "All In Me." So please do not add:


Here are 3 videos of The Cheetah Girls at the Toy Fair talking about their dolls!

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Aaron Adrian said...

The Cheetah Girls Said At Their Concert In Houston That Their Personal MySpace Is