Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Who got their copy?

I WANNA KNOW YOU LIKE THAT is a GREAT song. It's on the WalMart EP.
HOW A GIRL FEELS is the bonus track from the Target Special Edition.

Whats your favorite tracks?


Anonymous said...

I just realized Kiely and Adrienne were at DWTS last night to.

My favorite is Fuego but I'm buying the CD this weekeend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i definitely got it today!!
I have soo many favorites though!
I LOVE: Fuego, Uh Oh, So Bring It On, Do No Wrong, and Who We Are.
Those are my favorites!!
They are all amazing though!!

DeShaun said...

I got it!
I think my #1 favorite is "Do No Wrong"..I love that song! :)
"Uh Oh"
"Human" and "Who We Are" are others on my list of favorites

Anonymous said...

i got it. i got a few favs as well. fuego, crash, do no wrong n human. i got mine at walmart but got no bonus cd

Anonymous said...

I can't choose a favorite!, I love all 17 songs (counting all the bonus tracks)lol!!!

Amanda said...

heyy jack, will u be able 2 post the bonus tracks?? i pre-ordered mine at mytweenstore.com n got the air freshner pack w/ the girls, but no bonus songs

Emilie said...

My fav is CRASHH!! <3 Whooo! And Uh Oh and Also Who we are!

bob said...

omg this cd is great
they definately weren't "disney"
this shows that they are serious about their new music career as themselves and not characters
i love crash, do no wrong, uh oh, and who we are

benjmn said...

arhhhh i love it
favs are do no wrong
who we are!!!!
amazing love them so much more wihtout raven!!!
cant wait for some bollywood songs!!! i love bride n prejudice and am expectin things like that!! heheheh yay cheetah girls
im so happy for them
and sabrina was amazin on dwts!!!
woop woop

Anonymous said...

i love!!!!uh oh, i wanna know you like that,human,so bring it on,break out of this box, fuego(spanish version),who we are,and all the rest.