Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sabrina Bryan in "Dadnapped"

The promo poster above is made by me and it is not real.

Sabrina Bryan landed a role in a new DCom movie, Dadnapped. It also stars Kristen Storms from the Zenon trilogy.
Melissa has a bad case of sibling rivalry, only her competition is a fictional character in her father's best-selling novel about a teenage super spy. When her father is "dadnapped" by a group of overzealous fans, it's up to Melissa to help him by tapping her inner superhero.
Sabrina plays Melissa Hamilton and Kristen plays Maegan Holt. It should be released in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Thats Kristen Storms not Kristen Bell.

Anonymous said...

Is there any official information?

When will it air? Before TCG 3?

I love Sabrina Bryan!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was on wikipedia before somebody put it off:

"The film is about a young teen dealing with her father being a famous author. His latest book involves a teen aged super-spy around her age. With all the popularity surrounding the book, the girl begins to wonder which one of them her dad s more: her or the character in his novel. After her father is kidnapped, she must use her resources to bring him back as she begins to realize she is just like the heroine in her father's book."


Sabrina Bryan - Krista Hamilton

Bart Johnson - Johnny Hamilton - (High School Musical)

Mitchel Musso - Andrew James - (Hannah Montana)

Kirsten Storms- Maegan Holt

Jason Gomez - Josh Holt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think it's Kirsten Storms...not kristin.

Anonymous said...

Emily Osment is playing Melissa in this movie. Not Sabrina Bryan.

Anonymous said...

Theres another character his names Iarry im not sure who plays him but emily said his last name is jacobs and that hes cute

Anonymous said...

Emily Osment as Melissa Hamilton
David Henrie as Wheeze
Moises Arias as Andre
Jennifer Stone as Debbie
George Newbern as Neal Hamilton
Jason Earles as Merv the Hotel Manager
Sabrina Bryan as Tessa

Sabrina Bryan is in the film, but not as Melissa. It's got loads of HM stars as well as Sabrina and David Henrie. Weird

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