Saturday, September 15, 2007

TCG Snippets!!

Head over to and listen to 30 second clips of all the song from TCG!
Click here!

MY REVIEW (from just the clips):
In my opinion, the snippets are definitely better than the previous songs that were released through their Myspace.

1. Fuego (**) - It's an ok song. It really doesn't show how they matured, but that's my opinion.
2. Uh Oh (*****) - Very pop song. It reminds me of something from the first 3LW album. Looks like Kiely is spittin' some rhymes!
3. Human (*****) - A Slow Jam type-song. This shows their maturity with lines such as "Cos in the end, I'm only Human, my hearts not made of steel."
4. So Bring It On (**) - It's not a bad song, but I never was a fan of it. IMO, it was a bad choice for a first single, again, it doesn't really show their maturity.
5. Break Out Of This Box (*****) - ONE of my favorites. A very mature song with great lyrics.
6. Crash (***) - I can't really tell if I like it from this snippet. Very pop sound.
7. Do No Wrong (***) - Reminds me of something Ciara would sing. LOL. But again, I can't really tell from the snippet if I like it or not.
8. All In Me (**) - An OK song. Reminds me of summer. Sounds like "DISNEY" Cheetah Girls, not TCG.
9. Off The Wall (***) - I'm not sure what their singing about...
10. Who We Are (*****) - Sounds like a great, mature song. Can't wait for the full version.
11. Homesick (****) - Nice closer.

Some of these songs really do show their maturity, some might grow on me. I can't wait for HUMAN & UH OH.

Post your reviews here!

Oh and THE CHEETAH GIRLS are taking over RADIO DISNEY TODAY! I don't know if I'll be able to listen but if anyone can tell us what they say or even rip it that would be great!