Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TCG debuts at #44 & performance video.

TCG debuts at #44 on the Billboard, not quite top 20, but CLOSE. They sold 19,000 albums. Pretty good considering there was little to NO PROMOTION.

Here's a video containing a clip of the Kristi Yamaguchi and Friends performance. The Cheetah Girls performed Fuego and other hits however the video just plays Fuego. Watch the whole performance on NBC on November 25th.


DeShaun said...

Yes, that is okay seeing that there we NO appearances on shows like Good Morning America, Live With Regis & Kelly, or TRL to promote before the album dropped. There was also just the "So Bring It On" performance that only aired on seriously, unless you are a real Cheetah fan who stays updated on them, or you were lucky enough to see that the Disney Channel games or see them perform in Syracuse, then how were people to know that they even released a new album..?