Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kielys Advice Book & Video Post.

I found exclusive news on Kiely's Advice Book...
Thank you! It’s called “The Little Girl’s Guide To The Big Girl World” and it’s basically an advice book, not a self-help book (because I think we’re too young for self-help!). It’s sort of like the advice you’d get if you asked a big sister, “I have this problem, I have that problem.” It’s mostly in the form of articles because I started writing for a magazine and turned it into a book. It’s about pimples, boyfriends, not having a boyfriend, parents, friends…

Here's a video of Adrienne & Kiely taking the runway at the Harley Davidson Fashion Show.
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Watch Sabrina Bryan dancing the Rumba on Week 5. Her score was a 28.
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Watch Sabrinas special message to POPSTAR! Magazine readers.
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