Saturday, November 24, 2007


What do you guys think?
Did anyone record this in high quality?

Kim Kardashian confirmed that her brother, Rob Kardashian and ours truly, Adrienne Bailon, are going out. She told paparazzi that "their the hottest couple in town," and she also joked to one of them that Adrienne was Kim's sister.. hmm.. sister in law? Let's not go that far, but congratulations Adrienne!!

Click here to watch: Adrienne with the Kardashians.


Anonymous said...


adrienne and rob are cute as together lol congrats to them oh and already accepted in to the family by the sister :) yay!!

Timan said...

I think a song like Fuego should have had a better music video. They could get out and make the people dance in the streets. They wanna set the night on fire! C'mon they're just a little group of people dancing!

Outdoors shots would be better. The red part is cool, anyway.

But I like it, after all!