Monday, November 12, 2007

New Layout & Note from Me & Tidbits.

I worked really hard on this new layout, it contains pictures from the Mac&Cheese-A-Palooza Private Concert held this past Thursday. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Unfortunately, there haven't been much updates on TCG and of course, 3LW. Every bit of information or news I get, I update the blog. I've been getting rude people on the ShoutBox saying "Where are the updates?" or "You never update anymore!!" What is there to update, when there is no update? I get a lot of those messages and I am tempted to take the whole ShoutBox down at times. But, I'll let it stay for now...

Of course, I cannot find every single bit of news and I need your help! If you find any news on the girls with a SOURCE, pictures, song, video, scan, or anything you would like to share..
Feel free to e-mail me at ...
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Sabrina Bryan will be participating in the Dancing With The Stars TOUR along with current boyfriend, Mark Ballas, starting December 21, 2007 - January 13, 2008. For dates and tickets, click here.

Sabrina and Mark also have the Team Sabrina YouTube channel which is so entertaining to watch. Its great and you can watch it here.

The Cheetah Girls start filming in India on January 12, 2008, according to Adrienne. Maybe Sabrina will meet them up after because the last show for the Tour is January 13, 2008.

The TMZ video everyone is talking about, she gives the date for the new TCG movie, not the wedding.

Dancing With The Stars Producers approached Sabrina last season but she was unable to do it due to The Cheetah Girl's Tour? We're happy she wasn't able to do it last season because this season she met Mark :) Go Sabrina.

"The cool thing about our jobs is that we're best friends and we get to travel. I think that for a lot of kids who may never be able to go to these places, we get to bring a whole new world into living rooms."

I also have a big surprise coming soon........


Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh that people would think Sabrina and Mark are engaged because they met each other like a month ago.

Gettyimages has a lot of cheetah pictures/

Anonymous said...

Ooh i like surprises...usually. What is it!?