Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays from LCWBlog.

Happy Holidays everybody!
I hope you guys got to spend time with the ones you loved and I wanna wish you a very safe New Years. I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates, I try to update as much as I can and as often as I can but it's extremely hard now.

Here's the performance of TCG at the GROVE performing Break Out This Box & Cheetahlicious Christmas!


shakilover said...

i really liked this performance :)

Tih_TCGBR said...

look at the cheetah girls pictures at "HSM 2 DVD premiere" and "Enchanted Premiera"
Kiely did a new tatoo,in her anti-arm.
Oh,thanks for the video,your blog is very wonderfull.
Oh,The Cheetah Girls made their first appereance in one important magazine in Brazil,"Caras", they didn't had a lot of importance, but they looked gorgeous!
If you wanna see the scan: http://mygallery.galacnet.com/The_Cheetah_Girls_BR/index.php

Hugs to you