Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I've been holding back for almost a month now, because of all the delays and haters on my blog, but I've realized that what can you do, that won't have people bring you down. Lately, I've been feeling a lack of respect from some readers of this blog, where I didn't even wanna share this surprise and just close this blog down all together, but i know there are loyal readers I can't let down. Anyways, here's 2 videos of The Mac & Cheese - A - Palooza Concert featuring The Cheetah Girls on November 8, 2007 at The House Of Blue on Sunset Strip. It features performances of;
-Growl Power
-Break Out This Box
-Route 66
-Step Up (Stomp Version)
-So Bring It On!
-The Party's Just Begun (Tour Version)
-All In Me
-Amigas Cheetahs
I accidently deleted Shake A Tailfeather.

Hope you guys enjoy & leave comments and tell me what you guys think!
[Part 1]

[Part 2]


Anonymous said...

Very cool videos Jack!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Lika said...

Super cool !!! Loved the videos, Cheetahlicios =)

Natalia said...

Hey, thanks for the videos!
I love this blog!

bob said...

this is such a good surprise
is there any way you can get the audio?
i know thats alot 2 ask
but i am very thankful for the video!!!
thansk again!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the surprise! :)