Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adrienne's Official Website!

WOW, this is HUGE! Adrienne has an OFFICIAL website where you can buy autographed calendar, posters, and gain membership! Here it is:
(Besos means Kisses)

She also has an OFFICIAL Myspace:

I'll make another update soon when i have time! This was just real quick!



Anonymous said...

Adrienne I think your so cool and it doesn't for you to show your latina spice. I was a big fan of
3LW and know I am a big Cheetah Girls fan. Kiely you rock. You have a bubbly personality. Sabrina your ok but I sometimes forget about you. Keep rockin' and I can't wait for your new album in Spanish. I'll be the first to get it. Go TCG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that Adrienne have a new official site. I love her !!! I hope the fan membership be avaible to other countrys.

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