Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Regarding Kiely's role in I Know What Boys Like, Katherine McPhee did NOT take her role, Kiely has a small role as a sorority girl named Lily. She is NOT STARRING in the film, but simply has a small role.

SHAKEERA from the Shoutbox, PLEASE STOP ASKING IF "PEOPLE ARE IN THE SHOUTBOX" that is considered SPAMMING if you do it a lot and is quite annoying. So please refrain from continuing that habit. Thank you.

2 TCG: oneWORLD teaser promos:

3LW News Tidbit: "PHONE SEX" (sent in by Ariel)

Earstyle: I’m glad that you brought that up! People may know you for your work with Dem Franchize Boyz and David Banner, but recently you have worked with a wide range of artists. One act that stood out was 3LW. How did that come about?

Maestro: My writing partner Shanell, who is now signed to Ne-Yo, came to me with the opportunity first. 3lw's management had showed interest in a lot of the material that we were coming up with, so we went out to LA and put some hot stuff together for them. The girls were a blast to work with and I met a lot of great people in the process.

Earstyle: One song was "Phone Sex". It seems like the track was definitely a different look for the girls. Do you remember that one?

Maestro: Yeah, that was probably my favorite of the ones we cut. My plan was to create stuff that was atypical of what people expected from the group. It had a slow tempo but an uptempo groove.

Earstyle: Unfortunately the world did not get an opportunity to hear the tracks. Any plans for a compilation album or anything with some unreleased stuff you did?

Maestro: I'm planning on doing a compilation album with some of my unreleased and released material. The music i create is classic and memorable, so it needs to be heard one way or the other. What's special is that my style is timeless, so no matter when it finally gets out, the songs will never sound old or dated.

Earstyle: True! You also worked with David Banner who is another big Hip Hop name, but then you worked with my girl Chilli! When I think Chilli and TLC I think POP? How is it adjusting your style and learning new things to accomadate artists such as 3LW and Chilli.

Maestro: True artists don't see or feel a barrier between genres or styles. The medium, in the case of music - the instruments, may be different, but its all the same. So creating for Banner was no different from working with Chilli, and working with 3LW is no different from working with Lil Wayne, etc.