Sunday, March 16, 2008

Adrienne on the Kardashian Show [Review]

WOW. That was a great episode. We got a look on the inside of Rob & Adrienne relationship and it's true love. Only 3 months and a tattoo? He seems really happy with her and she seems happy with him. So Congrats to both! Adrienne was on the majority of the show, it was kind a split between her and the chickens they bought! Hahah. My favorite part was when Kylie and Kendal (The little sisters) picked her up and his mom was like "She's not a toy!" My second favorite part was the scene when she was leaving for India and they were crying and when he drove home he was on the phone with his sister and he said "I'm just gonna go home and watch The Cheetah Girls." HAAH. And right after the show, I changed the channel to Disney Channel and what do you know, The Cheetah girls 2 is on! Hahah.


spanish girl said...

Can you put the video please?

amandalace said...

Thas crazy, right after watching the Kardashians, I put on Disney too and they was giving TCG2.. hahaa, didnt know someone else did the same thing