Saturday, April 19, 2008

A load of videos!

Access Hollywood In-Studio Interview:
*The Cheetah Girl's 3: One World has 10 songs on the soundtrack.
*5 Out of the 10 songs has the Bollywood / Indian feel.
*The finale song is titled "One World."
*The dance off scene song title is "Dance Me If You Can."

Sabrina Byran's VLog in India:
The video features Kiely and other actors in the movie (No Adrienne)
*Kunal Sharma plays the Prince in TCG3 and he is Aqua's (Kiely's Charcters) love interest.

Mark & Sabrina thanks TSNN.

*Funny when they mess up

US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Party
x | x
*each x has a different link!
*Confirms "HSM" rumours of the girls joining the cast.
*Talks about how Kiely just wanted to nap than party.

Pictures of Adrienne Bowling with Kim & Rob
*Cheetah Bowling ball!