Friday, April 11, 2008

TCG on Radio Disney Summary.

-Adrienne and Kiely get On-Screen romances.
-Kiely's romance is the main romance. (&Her first on-screen kiss!)
-The director was making fun of Kiely with the kiss, and made her do it over & over again.
-They talk about Indian food they ate (Kiely's Indian Nacho lol)
(In Short, here's what the movies about:)
-It's the end of the senior year, Galleria, Ravens Character, is taking summer school. They are trying to book jobs. They book the starring roles in a Bollywood film. When they get there, there are only 1 starring role and not 3. Then it's a competition between Chanel, Aqua, and Dorinda. Then they come back together and become best friends.
"Dig A Little Deeper" could be a possible song title. But it is a scene.
-They talked about places they visited in India.
-They talked about a bat that flew in the restaurant.
-They want The Cheetah Girls 4 to be filmed in: Tokyo, Australia, Brazil, Africa, or Greece.


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