Saturday, May 3, 2008

TCG to perform "One World," at DCGames2008.

The Cheetah Girls will perform three songs at the Saturday concert that concludes the Disney Channel Games in Orlando.

One song will be "One World," the name of the next Cheetah Girls movie and a theme for the games. Other scheduled concert performers are Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Jordan Pruitt. All the tickets to the concert have been distributed.

"We're so excited to get back on the stage," Sabrina told me. "We haven't performed since our last tour. This whole last year, I was doing 'Dancing With the Stars.' Then we went to India to film the new movie. We're really excited to start performing again together. We love being onstage. The chemistry between us is a little different from my chemistry with Mark [Ballas of 'Dancing']."

Sabrina says she's catching "Dancing" this season when she can. Her choices to make it to the final?

Kristi Yamaguchi, Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuente.

"Of course, I've got love for the Yamaguchi crew," Sabrina said. Ballas is paired with the Olympian.

"But I'm watching Jason Taylor, man," she added. "He has really improved this season. He started out strong, has kind of taken a dip, but he's getting better and better. It's so hard for a woman to win this competition, because everybody loves to see big, hunky guys going from graceful to shaking their hips."

Cristian is Sabrina's third choice despite his arm injury this week.

"He's been improving these last couple of weeks," Sabrina said. "I was disappointed to see him and Cheryl [Burke] get such low scores after his injury. Up to his injury, he was doing amazing in that last dance."

When I asked about her relationship with Ballas, she told me the two have agreed to stay away from that question.

She was thrilled to talk about "The Cheetah Girls One World," which will premiere this summer. It's the third Cheetah Girls movie. Fans love the trio for the sisterly chemistry of Bryan, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams.

"This is by far the best movie we have ever done with the Cheetah Girls," Sabrina said. "It's Bollywood, huge production numbers. It's so amazing. We've seen a couple of the clips, and we're like, 'Oh, my gosh, we can't believe it!' "