Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1) Acuvue Celebrity Moments: The Cheetah Girls.
Here's an interview [I have never seen before], it looks like this was filmed back in the TCG2 Era so it's a little dated but they talk about their "defining moments," as a person, all the information is new to me! Sabrina talks about making prom gowns, Kiely talks about how she NAMED AN ACTUAL CRAYOLA CRAYON, and Adrienne talks about how she bonded with her mother when she was going through a divorce.

2) Adrienne attends Pre-BET Awards Party with Dash Sibs.

Doesn't Adrienne look stunning?

I'm still planning the One World download day! I want to give enough time for people to get ready and advertise and go out and buy iTunes card if they need to.