Monday, June 16, 2008

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June 16, 2008

Besos to everyone,

Hey, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a breather from rehearsals and was able to post some of the video that was shot during my trip to Ecuador. For all my fans you can check it out (It is in Spanish but you can see pictures from my childhood).

So many of you have left such beautiful comments and a lot of you have asked how I got my start. I was at Madison Square Garden for my choir performance the day before Ricky Martin was set to perform. He stopped by and saw my choir, I wasn’t actually there that day, but he requested about ten people to sing backup for his song “Vuelve.” My choir director told Ricky I would be great and that I was a huge fan. I was 14-years-old and I remember thinking about how crazy it was. I was so nervous-shaking in my little robe because I was the first to walk on the stage. It was a great feeling.

P.S. You can watch the video in my blog.

Hugs and Besos

My Trip to The Republic of Ecuador