Sunday, July 6, 2008

1) Disney Channel Games 2008 Website

The Disney Channel Games (featuring The Cheetah Girls as contestants AND performers) website is now open! It's very limited to what you can do, but once the show premieres we'll be able to access all the features.
Let's try to get one of our girls Player Of The Week! That means we all need to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!
Are you up for the challenge?

2) Kiely participates in Camp Ronald Fashion Show

On June 1, 2008, Kiely Williams participated in the Camp Ronald "Fashion with a Passion" Fashion Show. She looked amazing! This really fits her because she is the fashionista of the group, and lets not forget her infamous line in Strut, "Passion is the fashion."

3) Sabrina's Video Blogs

Sabrina put up a new video blog of her at the Indy500! Check it out here!

4) Road To The Cheetah Girls One World: HANG WITH ADRIENNE

The DISNEYXD Website just put up the newest Road To The Cheetah Girls One World episode: Hang With Adrienne, where it mainly focuses on Adrienne.
However it's on the Disney Channel XD Home Screen not the One World Channel. I dont know why.
But wow, the new music sounds great.

I do not post downloads for any full songs that will be released in stores.
In respect for Adrienne, Kiely, Sabrina, and their management team, I will not post any Cheetah Girls One World mp3's for download.
However, I strongly encourage you guys to pick up the CD in stores or purchase them online.
I will stream songs from time to time, however, not provide a download link.
And remember, if you're buying more than one soundtrack on August 19, purchase them on DIFFERENT transactions! So they can get the sales. That means different receipts!

Also, I have a very special surprise for some lucky readers...
Stay tuned, because this is BIG.............