Friday, July 4, 2008

1) The Cheetah Girls One World Promo Images!
Here's a nice little gift for you guys!

Click Image Above.

That's right! The Cheetah Girls One World Production Stills and Promotional Photos!
These photos are amazing.
It's just getting more exciting as it gets closer to the premiere!
Remember who told you first...

2) Brand New "Road To The Cheetah Girls One World"

I just caught another new episode of "The Cheetah Girls," One World in which the whole episode was about Adrienne! The cast and crew talked about her and we got to hear some new music! I heard her belt out a strong note from "Dance Me If You Can," and other songs, such as the background music on the One World site. This was a very good episode because it actually had behind the scenes stuff. It showed a bit of Adrienne's speech on the last day of shooting the movie where her, Kiely, and Sabrina were crying. It was a great episode.

The last "Road To..." premiere last Friday, so I think it begining to premiere every Friday now! Next week is probably gonna be about Sabrina or Kiely!

49 d a y s u n t i l the P R E M I E R E !


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kimberlea and my e-mail address is I jsut wanted to say that I love this site!!! Its so informative, it keeps me posted... I was just wandering if you were going to download that "Road to TCG one world" episode form last night onto this site? Thanks a bunch