Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kim Kardashian loves Adrienne Bailon. [TMZ]

Adrienne made it on the TMZ website!
Check it out:

Kardashian Bro's Cheetah Girl: A-OK by Kim K

You might think that with so much womanhood around, the Kardashian sisters might have their claws out when their lil' bro's girl moved in with him.

But Alpha-K Kim tells TMZ she's delighted that lil' Rob is taking the next step with Adrienne Bailon, who also happens to be the oldest Cheetah Girl: "Adrienne has become one of my closest friends! I love her like a sister! The whole family has fallen in love with her too!"

As for buzz that Rob and his pussycat doll are married, we're told -- not true.

Source: TMZ.com