Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cheetah Girls One World Official Soundtrack Review.

Here's my LCWblog Review on everything about
The Cheetah Girls One World Official Soundtrack.

CDVU+ Content Re-VU:
Let's start off by the CDVU+ content, it's a nice new way. The packaging is different and doesn't come with a album booklet, however, the album booklet can be viewed when you pop the CD in. The pictures are great, it's kind of like a slide show for the songs and shows pictures of them performing some of the song in the movie. The graphics are... ehh. It's that cartoony effect they did: example. I'm not a big fan on how they edited the pictures like that. Just my two-cents.
But as for the videos, they discussed their solo songs, taught dance steps for a few songs, and talked about the experience when filming.
I was laughing when Sabrina said her favorite memory was when a bird pooped on Adrienne. LOL.
Overall, I liked the CDVU+ because it was different and offered more media.

Track-By-Track Review:
1) Cheetah Love: 5/5. One of the best songs ever recorded by The Cheetah Girls. It's a great change and show's that they've matured so much. One of my favorites, and I love the video.
2) Dig A Little Deeper: 3/5. Bumbumbum. LOL. This has a rockier edge of the girls that we haven't really heard from other soundtracks. I want to see how this fits in the movie.
3) Dance Me If You Can: 3/5. It's a good dance song, but the soundtrack version doesn't really have The Cheetah Girls vocals. My favorite part is Kiely's part in the second chorus.
4) Fly Away: 4.5/5. A great song. All the girls vocals are great. Kind of reminds me of Cherish The Moment. Kind of. lol.
5) Stand Up: 4/5. Adrienne did a good job on writing this song. It's has a nice exotic feel. I like how she mentions "lean back, walk it out, two steppin' is what it's all about." Lol. I don't know why this isn't near the end of the CD with the other solo tracks.

6) What If: 5/5. ADRIENNE's vocals are on POINT. I'm guessing this is the IT'S OVER moment of the movie.
7) I'm The One: 5/5. I love how they are talking about what their good at, and in the 2nd verse the guys are singing what their good at too. It's really catchy and upbeat.
8) No Place Like Us: 5/5. Amazing. All the girls do a great job. Kiely sounds so good. A great message too.
9) One World: 3/5. It's a good song. I don't think it should have been the first single because many kids weren't ready for the change. They should have released Cheetah Love. The kids will get it when they watch the movie though.
10) Feels Like Love: 5/5. The beat is so catchy. I can't wait to see this scene in the DVD. I like how they are singing with their guys.
11) Crazy On The Dance Floor: 3/5. Sabrina does a good job on her solo song. It's fits her perfectly.
12) Circle Game: 10/5. YES. I love songs like this. It's so mature. I'm happy Kiely WENT there when she wrote this song. I really need her to release a solo album. She does a great job writing a song that a lot of teens can relate to. This is going to be a cut that I bump frequently.

The soundtrack is definitely different, and I like it. It's more modern and I can't wait to see how they songs fit in with the movie. I can't wait to see them perform this on their tour. I really hope they sing a majority of these songs. I also hope for the tour they have Solo Time to perform their solo songs and connect with the audience.
After the tour I really hope each girl releases a solo album, we all know Adrienne is working on hers, but I think the others would do a great job as well.
I hope you enjoyed a couple images from the CDVU+ content and please do not take them.
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