Monday, September 22, 2008

3 Minute Game Show | ALMA Awards Video.

[x] Earlier, the 3 Minute Game Show: The Cheetah Girls One World Edition premiered today, Sabrina, Adrienne, and Kiely were on screen asking and answering the questions and David Henrie, of Wizards of Waverly Place, hosted it. A few questions were:

[multiple choice]
What role does Deepti play?
Which Cheetah Girl brings the most luggage
What is Sabrina's favorite song?

[who said it?]
"Nobody tells me I can't dance."
"This is our cheetah destiny."
"Sometimes what we wish for isn't what we really need."
"There's only 1 role and 3 cheetah's want it."
[x] Here's a clear video of The Cheetah Girls performing ONE WORLD at the ALMA AWARDS.

[x] Aubrey O'day, of Danity Kane, mentions 3LW in a interview. Click here to watch.