Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"See you around Cheetah Girls." - 902190

:: Update
Promo pic of the cast of 90210.


The new spin off series 90210 just premiered and one of the stars is Michael Steger, who plays Vikram on The Cheetah Girls One World. He plays Navid, a high school journalist who video records everything. Kind of like his character in One World!

So what does The Cheetah Girls have to do with 90210 besides Michael?
THE CHEETAH GIRLS are mentioned in the premiere episode!
There is a group of catty girls who don't like each other and as one girl leaves after dissing each other, her insult is, "See you around Cheetah Girls."

Haha. Michael does a great job acting and you guys should check out the show.

Also, in other news regarding Michael, he confirms that "Feels Like Love," by The Cheetah Girls has a music video that was filmed.

TeenTelevision: How did the East Indian people like the film crew shooting in their streets?

Michael: We had hundreds of people watching. We were filming the music video "Feels Like Love" around this city park and there were hundreds of people watching very quietly, respectfully. The director had to move them because they were so intrigued. We stuck them into the shots. They offered to help. They were very nice.

Did anyone else watch the new series, 90210, featuring Michael Steger?

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