Thursday, October 2, 2008

LCWBlog Exclusive!: Corbin Bleu to join One World Tour!

an LCWblog & KielysWorld EXCLUSIVE!
+ My friend Terrance, who will be running KielysWorld, and I got exclusive information about the opening acts for The Cheetah Girls One World Tour! Currently, Disney is still looking for opening acts, but for select dates CORBIN BLEU will be a special guest and open for them!

Like The Party's Just Begun Tour, they had different special guests such as Hannah Montana, Vanessa Hudgens, Everlife, Jordan Pruitt, and others.

Remember where you heard it first!
Also, if you do choose to use this information for your blog, please Link and Credit me!
This information was exclusively given, so we will know if you do not credit.

I will also announce the date of KielysWorld opening as soon as possible!

+ Kim shares photos of Adrienne's last hang out with their friends before she leaves for the tour!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Kiely's world comes out. And that thing Adrienne does with her eyes in the pics looks so cool.