Monday, November 10, 2008

JJ's Dirt....

Adrienne's friend, JJ, who has been mistakenly been labeled as Adrienne's publicist, has posted a few words from our girl, Adrienne. Adrienne hasn't made an official statement on what has happened but she has spoken to JJ who posted it on his blog. Go check it out at

The covers was inspired by JJ. He titled his post, "The Price of Fame," and I made a faux CD Cover, as if Adrienne's CD was named Price Of Fame.


Kimberlea(kls2008) said...

That is completly ridiculous and PATHETIC!!! To think someone would stoop that low jsut to gain publicity!!! I am glad she plans to take legal action, because that is outragious and not fair to her!!! I hope whoever didthis gets exactly what is cumin for them!!!!