Monday, February 16, 2009

Adrienne Bailon starts hosting New Afternoons on MTV.

Today, Adrienne starts her new job as a host on NEW Afternoons on MTV! With her co-host Carlos Santos, they will be in segments during 3 shows on MTV, talking about the shows, interacting with fans, and interviewing celebrities. This starts at 4P.M. every weekday and will last until 6P.M. Unfortunately, I won't be able to catch any of the shows.. for more information, Official Website.

Also, it seems that Adrienne got another gig as a HOST for MTV's Jonas Brothers Biggest Fan Special! For more pictures..

I want to personally say congrats to Adrienne for putting in work!
She's out there doing big things for her career and we are very proud of her!
Can't wait for her solo album to drop.
Keep it up Adrienne.