Thursday, July 19, 2007

Download: The Cheetah Girls: Interview Package.

Click Image to Download!

Hey guys, this is a LCWBlog Exclusive. I would like to be the first to present to you The Cheetah Girls: Interview Package.This package includes 7 High Quality Interviews (3 interviews in 2007, 3 interviews in 2006, 1 interview in 2005) and a Higher Quality Cover. Listen to them discuss the tour they were previously on, The Cheetah Girls 3, and everything from restaurants, to the new upcoming studio album, Who We Are, as well as how they Cheetah-fied, So This Is Love! And also hear it for yourself, Kiely's video treatment for the second single Fuego!! So you guys know I am not making up anything. Enjoy! Click the image to download via SendSpace.

: The Cheetah Girls: Interview Package
Tracks: 7
Pictures: 1 HQ Cover
File: .Rar (open via WinRar)
Size: 43.5

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