Friday, July 20, 2007

News Post!


Happy Friday guys! I hope you guys enjoyed the interview package, I know it wasn't working for some of you guys but I hope it works now! Tell me what you guys think about! Here's some more news I've found over the past days:

Who We Are: I'm proud to be the first blog to announce this, The Cheetah Girls upcoming studio album will be released on CDVU+. Yes that's right! Hollywood Records is taking a new spin on CDs since CD sales are so low, they want to add features to CDs so customers will buy it! CDVU+ is basically an interactive magazine with photos, lyrics, PLENTY of video segments, letters from the group, and tons more. It can be downloaded and printed! It's confirmed that Who We Are will be in CDVU+ however I do not know what's going to be on it. When I find out I'll definitely post it here! The first album to be released in CDVU+ is The Jonas Brothers new CD that will be out in August. Click here to find out what's going to be on The Jonas Brothers CDVU+ and more about CDVU+!

The Cheetah Girls 3: Disney Channel will go forward with Cheetah Girls 3 without Raven-Symone, who starred in the first two films. Production will begin in India in January, with a premiere set for next summer.

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Ken said...

This is incorrect. The Cheetah Girls release will not be in CDVU+ format.

TCG&3LW :> said...

Are you Ken Bunt?

I was told that the upcoming Hollywood Records albums from Hilary Duff, The Cheetah Girls, and Atryu will be in CDVU+ format.

TCG&3LW :> said...

I updated and put rumor for now. Can you please e-mail me at if you are Ken Bunt.