Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Review.

Wow. Okay let me start of by saying that the CD/DVD was nothing I expected. i thought it would be a cheap low quality with an edited & shortened DVD. But I LOVE how the tracks sound, and OMG THE DVD IS THE BEST!!! The 30 minute performances are extremely high quality, with intros for each song from the girls, and what they didnt advertise was that the DVD has a BONUS FEATURE. It's a 12 minute video of the girls talking about everything about the tour, fans, recording and so much more. They look great in it and they are just fun to watch. On the audio CD, my favorite has to be Falling For You, it's so great. I love Adrienne's vocals. It so sexy. My favorite part of the DVD is EVERYTHING! Especially The Step Up Stomp haha.
I WOULD LOVE IT FOR DISNEY TO RELEASE A FULL LENGTH CONCERT DVD, however, right they don't have any plans to. :/ I find it unfair because The Cheetah Girls was a 40 city tour, but due to the GREAT responses it got extended to more than 80, and High School Musical didn't get an extension however it got its concert DVD. Please Disney give us the full length concert DVD!


Jt/Aj said...

Hey LCW isn't the DVD the same one that was packaged with The Cheetah Girls 2 special edition soundtrack??