Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So Bring It On...

There you have it! An official ad found in the tour cd about their upcoming studio album! It confirms that Bring It On is definitely going to be on there. Now I heard a short clip of it and it's pretty good, but I'd like to hear the full to give my review on it. You guys can hear the full version at the Closing Ceremonies on the 2007 Disney Channel Games. The official date is August 25th. I'll rip it and hopefully add it on Youtube & Imeem so you guys can stream it and give me your thoughts on the track! For now, leave comments and messages on the Shoutbox! I love to respond.

Response to Jt/Aj: The bonus DVD is NOT the same from The Cheetah Girls 2 Soundtrack Special Edition, this is an ALL NEW DVD with brand new interviews and performances! This is way better than the other DVD!


Teen Music Central said...

That's good that its not the same because that was what the D*CONERT was. A Rip-OFF. LOL =]