Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hey guys! I wanna ask for your help! If anyone has access to any of magazines such as Popstar!, BOP, QuizFest, AstroGirl, J-14, M, TigerBeat, Twist, or any other magazines, and has access to a scanner. PLEASE send the scans to my e-mail or in comments. I would display yours scans here and give you 100% credit. I have a friend named Nuvia who has scans and will post her scans soon! Thanks for anyone who contributes.

Also, how do you like the current projects section? I worked really hard last night to complete it and I think it came out great! Please leave your comments & shouts!


George said...

love the "upcoming projects section" it's the new thing on websites and it's hot.

Admin Jack said...

Thanks george!