Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hollywood Records?

UPDATED: Added new sections, including "Current Projects!"
Hey guys, I've added a new MP3. It's the July 10th interview with the girls, the one talking about the second single Fuego! Anyways, I recently posted news about Who We Are being in the CDVU+ format, and got a comment from a user name "ken" who said this news is incorrect. Now, I sorta got mad but then when I searched more I saw that there is someone named Ken Bunt who is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Disney's Hollywood Records. If it is the same Ken then I absolutely believe that it is incorrect, however...

» Why wouldn't WHO WE ARE be given the honor to be in CDVU+ format?
» Why hasn't Hollywood Records put up an Official Website for The Cheetah Girls when the album is coming out in less than 2 months?
» When will they release the first single and why hasn't there been much promotion?

I don't mean to be harsh but it seems to me that The Cheetah Girls aren't getting the attention or promotion they deserve. There was no promotion whatsoever for The Party's Just Begun Tour CD, even though that might be from Walt Disney Records, and there are no upcoming plans to release a full concert DVD? They had an 80-city sold-out tour and they aren't getting a full DVD? We want a full DVD! We also want an official website to update us on future appearances on TV or Radio!

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