Saturday, August 11, 2007

DOWNLOAD: So Bring It On

100% credit to Nuvia!
She's been hooking me up with exclusives so give a big thanks to her!

Download Via: SendSpace
Size: 3.5mb

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What do you guys think about their first single?


Anonymous said...

Uhh. it's ok, but i think it's missing the end. cuz Adrie was like "So listen up, cuz you ain't messing with me..." I think there is suppose to be some more after that.

DeShaun said...

First off, a lot of thanks to Nuvia for getting this song and giving it to Jack! You rock!

Second, thanks Jack for making this available for download for all of us fans! You rock as well. :)

I know what Anonymous is talking about though at the end when Adrienne says that how the song came or something else?

Nawtyornice1990 said...

Not a Good choice for a 1st Single...Do it your own way,or cheetahlicious woulda been betta...but we'll only see videos for Fuego and this song...Everyone knows disney stars only get 2 videos...Corbin Bleu,Vanessa Hudgens...but hopefully they'll get know

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this song? How can you say it's not a good choice for a first single?? It's loud, energetic, crazy, and it definitely gets your attention! The girls are also showing a more mature theme to their music. I LOVE it!
And you're dumb if you think Disney Stars only get 2 videos...that all depends on the success of the album, and whether or not the artist wants to do another video.

Nawtyornice1990 said...

Anywayz...Like I was saying, so far from the Songs I've heard, They are alot betta then this song, I didn't say the song was bad, If you can't respect my opinion,Sorry to hear that...Vanessa's album was Very succesful yet only 2 singles...and I hope that doesn't happen with TCG ---->

ArtieFufkin said...

Hoooooo.... this is the hotness.. sounds like PCD meet Prince on the train to Rockville.. can't honestly imagine it not breaking through, the energy is crazy infectious and the hook is killah!! They sure stepped it up a notch or 5...