Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New 3LW! "It's Not All About Me"

3LW’s humanity is unveiled on the introspective tone “It’s Not All About Me,” which promotes the old adage that one should learn to recognize and count their blessings because someone else is always in a worst predicament than you are. “When I first sang this song I started crying,” admits Kiely. “It’s such an amazing message that reminds you that when all these other things are happening around us, you need to focus on the little things that we take for granted everyday like walking and talking.”

"It's actually a song about someone who's driving down the highway and sees a car accident on the road," Bailon explained. "You may be like, 'Wow, I'm struggling.' You're going through your things, but then you see there's so much more going on around me, I'm just such a small part of such a huge world. Basically you realize there's a bigger story."

Click the image or here to download "It's Not All About Me"

My Review:

This is a nice song by 3LW. Probably their first song with a positive message attached to it. It could even pass for a track on the TCG album but I'm not gonna go there... The song was recorded around 2004/2005.
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7 days until TCG is released.

Thanks to blueprince for emailing it to me.
Apparently its also on ConcreteLoop too!

I stopped and looked around and realized, my life aint so bad...


Anonymous said...

I'm in love wit this song now

DeShaun said...

I love 3LW, but if they ever make another album, they should make more music like this. Omg, this song is so wonderful..they mixed a great message with superior vocals and great beats...

Morgan said...

I love the song but theres one insy tinsy problem . This track isnt as new as i thought it was. Its 3 to 4 years old leaving a major gap between timelines when Feelin' You was recorded and Its not all about me was recorded . When they started recording for the new 3LW album which was back in 2003 they recorded numerous tracks either not yet leaked or has not been released . Well think about it this way . Compare and Contrast between the years 3LW recorded tracks . Between the years of 2003 and 2007 . Theres a 4 year difference between them . Over those 4 years there had to be over 50 songs they recorded because they didnt start the Cheetah Girls until 2005 . But possibly only 10 to possibly 15 made the cut . Eliminating a mass majority of there songs . So this could possibly mean that 3LW could've released there album years ago between the years of 2003 and 2005 with a strong comeback and happy , cheerful fans . With there superior voices and determination they will definately make a very strong comeback .