Monday, September 17, 2007

TCG Listening Party & Picture Update.

Looks like we'll be hearing the album this week!

7 days
until Sabrina appears on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)
8 Days until TCG hits the shelves!
Sabrina Promos for DWTS

Adrienne Photo shoot

Randall Slavin Session (3LW)

Scans (Sent in by NUVIA)


Anonymous said...

hi i am like the biggest cheetah girls fan ever. i absolutley love ur blog thanks for updating keep up the good work

DeShaun said...

I'm very excited for TCG and DWTS. The only problem is, the album drops in a week...and there is no official video for the single..and the single does not get play besides on Radio Disney...this is just like they're promoting another Cheetah soundtrack...but they are a REAL group now, and need to be on REAL radio stations and have a REAL video and be on major music channels like MTV & BET...guess they'll always be the Disney Channel Cheetah Girls now..:/

Anonymous said...

In response to Deshaun's statement: Give it some time. Just look at Vanessa Hudgens' and Ashley Tisdale's music careers. Ashley's in particular. Her album came out February 6 of this year, and STILL has not had an actual music video (the official video for He Said She Said will be on TRL tomorrow). I have a feeling that the girls will do a real music video (they've stated that Fuego will have a real music video, and they did state that So Bring It On was going to be released through the Disney Channel, which may mean it was never meant for MTV or BET).
They're smart girls, let's not doubt them!!