Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sabrina's SHOCKING Elimination.

"I think there should be a recount," says Melanie B., who was shocked that the Cheetah Girls' Sabrina Bryan was knocked out of the competition.
Wow. I'm completely shocked. I missed the show due to school and work but when I came back and read all the news, I was shocked and disappointed. And we're not the only ones, The judges took tears for Sabrina, saying that she's such a great dancer and shouldn't have been eliminated this early. Jennie Garth feels that she is "clearly the best dancer," in the competition and should have at least went through finals. Marie joked that her fans were too young to dial her number. Sabrina thought starting so strong might have cost them.

What do you think about Sabrina being kicked off?

Here's the video of Sabrina on Jimmy Kimmel AND Good Morning America.


Agefan4lyfe said...

I feel that not all the fans were kids...It was everyone whom wanted Mark & Sabrina to make it through, but the fact was not voting. Thinking they are so good that they will just go through. Starting out strong...I think didn't cost them I think it just made the fans feel that she was secure no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I was in complete shock. I couldn't watch DWTS coz i don't have the channel so i always depend on youtube and wiki. When i found out that Sabrina got eliminated i was like ...what?!?! I was looking forward to what Sabrina and Mark was going to do next but i guess that not going to happen......hopefully DWTS will invite her back on the show..

punkstardustmusic said...

This really was shocking!!!! She was doing so well, and I really wanted her to win!!! But I think, like someone said on the ShoutBox, we should be thankful she got to compete on the show and show everyone that she really knows how to dance. Still, it's sad that she got eliminated. =( it would've been awesome if she won.