Monday, October 29, 2007

MYSPACE! x Fuego Video Shot Last Friday & KIELY <3

I've decided to open up a MYSPACE! So make sure you add us at:
The Layout and everything is TEMPORARY!

*Sabrina Bryan is also making an appearance with Mark Ballas on Ellen.

Bop & Tigerbeat were on the set of TCG's "first" (?) single, Fuego.
Read about their day here: The Daily Dish on Bop & Tigerbeat Online
So I'm guessing they scratched "So Bring It On," as a first single, nice choice, however, the album was dropped more than a month than the first single's video is released? Anyways, be sure to check up here when I get my hands on the Fuego music video.

OKAY. After, watching this video, I fell in LOVE with Kiely.. EVEN MORE. Wow. She's so sweet and nice. Anyways, this was on and the title was "Cheetah Girls Purrs At Man." Heres the Article... click image above to watch video!

Kiely Williams of the Cheetah Girls took a break from eating at Mr.Chow Saturday night to exchange digits with someone a little outside of her target demo.

The 3LW hottie flirted with an older gentleman who everyone initially thought was trying to get some change from the beauty -- but it looks like he may have just been trying to get closer to that booty!

The singer actually exchanged phone numbers with the sly playa and after she gave him a kiss on the cheek he turned to our camera and said, "How you like me now!" Get some, gramps!

The video was shot at Adriennes birthday dinner at Mr. Chows in Hollywood.


DeShaun said...

OMG! lol...funny video! Great post! I can't wait to see the "Fuego" video..I was thinking that they were gonna go off to a REAL the Destiny's Child "Survivor" video..but still cool! Adrienne and Kiely look good and of course I'll be checking out the myspace!

Lilmissy said...

What A rip off Sabrina was eliminated from DWTS