Saturday, May 17, 2008

The first Road To Cheetah Girls One World premiered last night, here's the video thanks to 24aggie from Youtube!
To me, personally, I think it was more of an introduction video to the future episodes of "Road to.." because it was really short and didn't give us much, the "Road To HSM2" was longer and more detailed.. hopefully this will change!

Also, check out the Disney Channel's Cheetah Girls One World website! It's been revamped! However, its not open yet!

Jonas Brothers vs. Cheetah Girls
Jonas Brothers vs. Cheetah Girls
Here's a video of The Cheetah Girls "VS." The Jonas Brothers. Watch how the girls pretend to pose like the boys, and watch the boys attempt to do the cheetah strut.

Here we have The Cheetah Girls featured in a Disney 365 segment for Disneymania 6. Looks like the same exact event as the DC Games...