Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me...

From the beginning of my blogging "career," I've always had a problem with thieves. Why don't I share my High Quality pictures? Why do I tag my graphics? Because blogs, especially DISNEYCHANNELMEDIAWORLD, steal them. I'm not sure who runs this Site, but I am completely disgusted. The graphic I've made for The Cheetah Girl's One World Live (Faux) Single Cover was de-tagged and put on their blog. They cropped off everything and kept the girls, WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW is now I use a special tool to help me see who's STEALING my content. And sure enough, they did. They turned this picture:

into this:

Why did they crop my content out? I dont know. But it's funny, because when I made that graphic, I KNEW someone would be low enough to steal it. I would NEVER try to crop out and de-tag something that is not mine. I may download a font and not credit "where I got it," but to go as far as cropping everything out, not crediting, and trying to run it as my own.. No.

Also, when I get NEWS that comes from me, some blogs try to re-type it and run it as their exclusive news, when I worked hard to get to the Offices of Hollywood Records or The Cheetah Girls management to find this out.
Or some blogs STRAIGHT UP copy and paste my whole entry and post it as theirs.

I'm so over these blogs.

So DisneyChannelMediaWorld, whoever runs it, and you other kleptomaniac blogs:

be original.

P.S. Your welcome for the free promotion.
Now my readers are going to your blog to see the thief in action.

To My Readers:
Sorry that I am spazzing out, but it seems like everytime I try to do something for you guys, a cheap, good for nothing, triflin' blog takes it.


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