Saturday, July 12, 2008

The House Bunny Thread.

Are you guys excited as much as I am for THE HOUSE BUNNY? My friends and I are constantly quoting the lines from the trailer, and not only does it look like a funny movie, our very own Kiely Williams is playing in it! This is her first theatrical release and she is playing LILY, a quiet girl who speaks through text messages.

Also, some of the stars of The House Bunny recorded a song called, "I KNOW WHAT BOYS LIKE," which is a remake from The Waitresses, (listen to the original here.) They all sing this song after their make over, however it hasn't been confirmed that Kiely sings in it. Hopefully she does!

Here's a short scene from the movie:

I love Anna Faris, she's hilarious.
So who's planning on watching this movie?
It's the same release date as The Cheetah Girls One World!
AUGUST 22, 2008.


tih-ago said...

Kiely looks sexy in this picture! I loved! I just can't wat to 'the house bunny' come to the brazilian teathres!